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Voice Lines
Portrait Yuze.png
Succubus Adventurer Yuze
Voiced by (ENG): Alexa Kahn
Voiced by (JPN): Ellen Taira (Global Server)
Voiced by (KOR): Yujeong Jeong


First Summon
(The line is unspoken)
"Succubus Adventurer.
Excited to embark on an adventure."
Victory- Normal battle "You can do it one more time, yes?"
Victory- Boss "I can take the biggest and hardest one!"
Death "I can still take it... I'm not spent yet!"
Get Exp "Give it to me! That's it!"
Level up "Getting all sweaty and nasty was worth it!"
Equip weapon "So thick... and long! Can I really take it?"
Equip costume "Wasn't this on the cover of Monthly Adventurer?! Thank you!"
Evolve "You are the best one I've ever had, partner!"
Attack 1 "Kiyaa!"
Attack 2 "Take this!"
Attack 3 "Oh, yeah!"
The player's compassionate decision "Yes, I knew you would do that!"
The player's evil decision "Well if you want to, I'll do it just for you."
Against weak enemies "Is this an easy dungeon?"
Against normal enemies "Let's get busy!"
Against strong enemies "So strong... But I can take it!"
Against bosses "A boss?! This is gonna be a long night...!"
Joining the party "Together we can achieve anything, partners!"
Coop - Attack "Time to attack!"
Coop - Request heal "Heal me! Faster!"
Coop - Careful "Run!"
Coop - Victory "Yes! I finally feel satisfied!"
Coop - MVP "I'm so glad I met you all. You enjoyed your time with me, right?"
Coop - Greetings "Let's do this! Let's make this a fun adventure!"
Coop - Hurry "Faster, faster!"
Coop - Trust me "Leave it to me!"
Touch reaction - Positive 1 "There has never been a succubus adventurer? Then I'll be the first one!"
Touch reaction - Positive 2 "Adventure, friendship, training... These words always gets my heart racing!"
Touch reaction - Negative 1 "You shouldn't touch so carelessly. A lot of people make such mistakes to succubuses."
Touch reaction - Negative 2 "I said we'll always be together. So don't make me send you to hell."
Mail notice "Partner, you got new mail! You want me to open it?"
Event notice "Partner, there is an event! It's time for a new adventure!"