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Folktale is a Live Event Side Story featuring the Epic Hero Eight-tailed Fox Nari. It ran from September 8 - 22, 2020. The story was reopened on May 4 - 18, 2021, and has been made available for replay anytime from within the game interface.


Presumed to be set in the Joseon Dynasty, a fox sage Nari wakes up to find out that the villages around her were all destroyed. Along with The Knight, Nari travels back in time to see what went wrong and ultimately finds out that the village's past is intertwined with her old friend, Garam.



Stage Awakened Fox.png
Stage Sacred Well.png
Stage Tiger Village.png
Awakened Fox
Sacred Well
Tiger Village
Stage Cursed Lake.png
Stage Flower Garden.png
Stage Garam.png
Cursed Lake
Flower Garden


Stage Mouse Hole.png
Stage Tiger Village Challenge.png
Stage Fairies and the Lake.png
Stage Nine-tailed Fox.png
Mouse Hole
Tiger Village
Fairies and the Lake
Nine-tailed Fox

Stage Summary[]

In Folktale, you are introduced to the character Eight-tailed fox Nari, also known as Nari, and she leads you through a series of quests.

But first, you get a scene where Nine-tailed fox Garam, also known as Garam, solves problems in all the stages that you would be going to with Nari. All of those deteriorate.

The first level is Awakened Fox, where you awaken Nari, thanks to all the bad things.

The next level is Sacred Well, where people with the plague try to get into the magical well to heal themselves. They are blocked due to the guards though, so Nari uses her sage bead to turn into mice. Thanks to all the mouse holes, you can sneak in. You end up blowing the well up.

Next up is Tiger Village! The tigers have a magic sack that can hold infinite items. The people are trying to steal the sack for themselves. So you go to the tigers, and Nari uses her sage bead to turn you into a tiger. You break down wooden walls, and there are also some fights. Then you get to the master. He is standing on a "tiger-proof" wall. You break down the wall in three hits.

Then there is Cursed Lake. First, Nari turns you into a fairy. There is a mini-game where you have to get fifteen turtles. You get increasingly faster every time you collect a turtle. You can't stop moving, and you can't crash into your trail of turtles or walls. The next mini-game has you picking up trash. Then you go into the dorm and find the water stone. It pumps water into the lake. The people are once again, trying to take it for themselves. After that, you doze off. You wake up to find people attacking. After one of the fairy sisters gets killed, the other one cursed the lake. You end up fighting the fairy and taking the water stone.

Next Flower Garden. You get a flashback of Garam going on a rampage.

The final level is a boss fight against Garam. It's a you playing as Nari fighting against Garam. Garam turns into a real Nine-tailed fox. After your battle, you beat him and he disappears, never to be seen again.